Hitting the Brakes on Bad Habits

When driving a vehicle you must always remain alert, cautious and adhere to the local, state and federal traffic laws. Some traffic laws can easily be broken when a driver is distracted and not paying attention. 


For instance, going over the posted legal speed limit. Breaking this common traffic law will oftentimes result in a hefty fine and the infraction will be reported to your insurance company. Insurance rates can go up as a result of this, costing you more money. In addition, points can be added to your license and the more points you have on your license, the more likely you are to lose your license. This is why it is extremely important to always pay attention while driving and follow all traffic laws. 


Let’s take a look at some of the most common traffic laws that are violated throughout the United States. 


Speeding, as we mentioned above, is the most common traffic law that is broken. Over 40 million speeding tickets are issued to drivers each year in the U.S.. Speeding is not only dangerous for the driver who is speeding, but for all other drivers around them. When you speed, your reaction time is cut down and accidents can easily happen. 


The second most common traffic violation is distracted driving. Every single state throughout the U.S. has some sort of distracted driving laws on the books. Distracted driving can be anything from talking on the phone, texting or even just singing and dancing to music while driving. When a driver is distracted they are not paying attention to the road and everything around them. This means that the probability of an accident happening is much higher. A distracted driver is also more likely to break other traffic laws, such as speeding or not adhering to road signs and signals. 


Distracted driving takes us right into the third most common traffic violation, which is running red lights and not paying attention to stop and yield signs. Running red lights is one of the most dangerous things a driver can do. A red stop light is red for a reason. This means that a driver must stop because in most cases vehicles or pedestrians will be crossing in front of you. When a driver runs a red light, they run the extreme risk of getting into an accident with another vehicle, or hitting a pedestrian if they are crossing the road. 


One of the most serious traffic violations in America is driving under the influence. It’s a major cause for concern in the United States and results in roughly one million D.U.I. arrests each year. 


A driver who is intoxicated and in control of a vehicle is a horrific combination and puts themselves and other drivers in serious danger. Alcohol and driving do not mix. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, roughly 37 people lose their lives every single day in America due to drunk driving accidents. 


Never drive when intoxicated. Not only is serious injury and death a major consequence, getting arrested for driving under the influence can be extremely costly. It’s said that a D.U.I arrest, on average, will cost a driver over $10,000 in damages. From auto insurance rate hikes, to court fees, fines and more.