Distracted Driving Laws

The state of Arizona has very stringent DUI laws and breaking those laws is not only extremely dangerous, it can be very costly in many ways, including emotionally and financially. 

It is against the law to operate a motor vehicle in Arizona while under the influence of intoxicating substances such as alcohol or drugs.

Driving in general is a privilege, not a right. When you are granted the privilege to drive a vehicle in Arizona, you are consenting to blood alcohol and drug testing should you be arrested for driving under the influence. This is known as Arizona’s ‘Implied Consent Law’. 

Driving under the influence of an intoxicating substance is very dangerous. When a person is intoxicated, their reaction time and motor skills are slowed. This means that you are more susceptible to getting into a motor vehicle accident, hurting yourself or others on the roadway. Sadly, driving under the influence can also cause death, to yourself or others innocent civilians. 


The Penalties

Driving with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% in Arizona is considered ‘driving under the influence’. If you are under the age of 21, driving with any alcohol in your system is illegal. The BAC percentage is lowered to 0.04% if driving a commercial vehicle. 

If you are caught driving under the influence and a BAC test shows you are over the legal limit, you will immediately lose your right to drive. 


If convicted of driving under the influence, you will face serious consequences. Such as:

First Offense: You will be placed in jail for a minimum of 10 days and fined a minimum of $1250. In addition, you will have to attend an alcohol education and treatment program and a certified ignition interlock device will be installed in your vehicle. This device is essentially an ‘in vehicle’ breathalyzer test. A driver must blow into the device and if alcohol is detected, the vehicle will not start. In most cases, community service will also be ordered by the court. 

Second, Third and Fourth Offense: You will be placed in jail for a minimum of 90 days and fined a minimum of $3,000. You will lose your license for a period of one year also. You will be ordered to attend an alcohol education and treatment program, have a certified ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle and community service will be court ordered. 

The legal ramifications are just the start of the serious troubles that a DUI conviction can bring. The financial aspect and loss associated with a DUI arrest is incredibly high. In the United States, the average DUI arrest and conviction will cost a driver $10,000. 


Legal fees, court fees, attorney fees, treatment fees, loss of work wages and more are all costs that a DUI offender will face. 

In addition to Arizona having strict DUI laws, they also have very strict distracted driving laws. Let’s take a look at the distracted driving laws in Arizona. 


Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is defined as any activity that takes a driver’s attention away from driving safely. In this day in age, we often associate distracted driving with the use of a cell phone, however, there are far more ways a driver can be distracted while driving. Eating, talking, playing with the radio or even looking for an item in the vehicle can all take away from a driver’s attention to the road. 


Arizona has what they call a ‘Hands Off Law’ which makes it illegal to use a stand alone electronic device while driving, unless said device is placed in ‘hands-free’ mode. 

Stand alone devices are defined as cell phones, gaming devices, tablets and personal music devices. 

Breaking Arizona’s distracted laws can result in hefty fines and in some cases, a suspended license. 



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