Bus Stop Laws In Florida

Every single state has laws to protect children during school hours and on school days. 

Florida has strict laws in place to protect children as they get on and off school buses and walk near their school. These laws are designed to give children a safe way to get to and from school.

Florida School Bus Stop Law Explained

In Florida, the school bus stop law is designed to ensure the safety of students when they are boarding or disembarking from a school bus. The law is outlined in Florida Statute 316.172, and it generally states that:

1. Stopping for School Buses:   

On a two-lane road, all drivers moving in either direction must stop when the school bus displays its stop signal.

On a multi-lane paved road, with two lanes in each direction, drivers behind the school bus must stop, and drivers approaching from the opposite direction must also stop.

2. Exceptions:

If a divided highway of at least four lanes with a median is present, only traffic proceeding in the same direction as the school bus must stop. Traffic approaching the bus from the opposite direction may proceed with caution.

3. Penalties for Violation:

Violating the school bus stop law in Florida can result in severe penalties, including fines and points on the driver’s license.

The Penalties

The penalties for passing a school bus when the bus has its flashing red lights on and the stop sign out can be quite hefty. It also depends on which side of the bus you passed on. 

Passing a school bus on the right side, the side where children are entering and exiting the bus will constitute bigger fines. This is because of how dangerous it is to be passing on the right side of a school bus. The minimum penalty is roughly $400 for a first offense. With that said, points will be added to your license also. However, you will have the option to attend traffic school and have those points removed. If you reoffend within 5-years, you will lose your license for up to two full years. 

If you pass a school bus on the left side a minimum fine of $200 will be imposed, you will have to attend traffic school and points will be added to your license. 

It’s best to never pass a school bus when their stop sign is out and the bus’s red flashing stop lights are activated. 

What Steps Do I Take If I Get A Citation For Passing A School Bus?

If you are caught passing a school bus you will more than likely have to attend a court hearing to determine your punishment and any further action that needs to take place. It’s best to show up for court. Do not miss your court date, as harsher fines and penalties can be applied if you do miss it. 

During the hearing you will find out what penalties and fines are going to be implemented and whether or not you need to attend traffic school. 

School bus stop laws are very important. Children are not always paying attention and it is a driver’s job to always be paying attention while driving – especially when children are present in the roadway.