Driver’s License Suspension

In an effort to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, Florida passed a number of laws. Nobody is safe if people don’t follow the rules. Temporarily suspending your license could be a consequence for risky driving as a means of enforcing traffic laws. 

Listed below is all the information you need to avoid these risky driving consequences.

Florida Driver’s License Suspension Reasons

The state of Florida has numerous legal grounds to revoke a driver’s license, and not all of them are related to the driver’s ability or record. Some of the reasons a license could be suspended are:


How Florida Works Points

The majority of traffic offenses are associated with a point system. Points will be deducted from your driver’s license if you are found guilty of infractions such as speeding, passing a school bus, or texting while driving. Your license could be revoked if you accumulate an excessive number of points within a specified time frame. Your suspension duration is proportional to your point total.


Get Your License Back in Order

Renewing a license that has been suspended has several steps, depending on the cause behind the suspension. Your license can usually be reinstated once you pay the $60 reinstatement fee and fulfill your duties related to traffic court, such as paying a traffic ticket or court fees, if your license was suspended for failing to appear in court. 

If your license was suspended because you haven’t paid child support, you need to get in touch with the Florida Department of Revenue to set up a payment plan and pay the $35 charge to get your license reinstated.

To resolve a suspension resulting from an uninsured driver’s license, you must adhere to the procedures laid out by the state for that particular infraction. Repair costs for insurance claims might vary from fifteen dollars to five hundred.

You are required to finish a traffic school course that is recognized by the state if your license is suspended for points violations or certain safety violations. Your understanding of traffic laws can be refreshed with the 12-hour ADI course. When the suspension term ends, you can get your license reinstated by paying $45 and providing proof of completion.


Requesting an Emergency Driver’s License

You have the option to request a hardship license if you are facing significant financial hardship as a result of your license suspension. With a restricted license, you can only legally drive to specific locations, such as your house, your place of employment, or your place of education. You must demonstrate your enrollment in an authorized ADI course and present a strong justification for your requirement to drive in order for your application to be approved.

It is possible to avoid license suspension in Florida by keeping yourself informed of the regulations and making a commitment to safe driving practices. Never lose hope if you get a traffic ticket; there are solutions available to you. To avoid having to ask friends for rides, enroll in traffic school, and resolve to always drive legally.