Point System Work in Florida

Drivers in the Sunshine State are expected to adhere to all traffic regulations. Things can get dicey if you make a mistake. For each traffic violation, Floridians receive points.


We have compiled a concise reference guide that explains the consequences of accidents, speeding, and reckless driving in Florida in order to help you understand the point system.


The Graduated Point System in Florida

For each activity in Florida, there is a designated point value; listed below is the full list. Drivers in Florida, for instance, face a three-point penalty for texting while behind the wheel since the state views texting as a kind of distracted driving. Leaving the scene of an automobile accident results in a harsher six-point penalty.


Serious consequences, including fines, license suspensions, and even jail time, become more possible the more points a driver accumulates.


Summary of Offenses for Various Traffic Violations

Various driving infractions in Florida can result in a variety of points. The following is a rundown of typical infractions, along with the Florida’s Driver License Point System that are awarded for each one.



Point-Based Penalties and Fines

In Florida, the mechanism for suspending points is straightforward. To illustrate the point system in action, suppose you accrued 12 points due to two accidents caused by speeding in the previous year. Your license will be suspended for 30 days as a result.


The following graphic shows that your license would be suspended for three months in the event of your next accident. The subsequent one would result in a suspension of one year. The complete schedule of points and periods of license suspension is as follows:

In addition, when points are added to your license, you should expect to pay a fine. Penalties are graded according to seriousness. A first-offense fine for drunk driving, for instance, might reach $1,000, although the average charge for a traffic violation is only $60. The actual expenses of these violations can be far higher if you have to pay to get your license reinstated or to pay court fees.


How to Remove Points in Florida

Taking a driving safety course can help you avoid penalties and lower your insurance rates in Florida, as it does in most states around the country. Prior to enrolling in the course, you must also pay the election fee to the court clerk.

The Advanced Driver Improvement Course is an eight-hour requirement if your point total is twelve or more. These expanded classes offer protection to those who would otherwise face a license suspension for a specific period of time. The typical four-hour Basic Driver Improvement Course is enough for most first-time, non-serious violations.

Enroll in a school that has received state approval to avoid losing points. Both of these Florida traffic school courses are available from reputable providers like I Drive Safely, and they can help you get your license points reduced.

We can assist you in having any recent traffic violations, accidents, or reckless driving charges removed from your record. If you want to know how to fix your driving record, our state-approved school can show you the ropes. 


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