Check Points on Your Florida Driver's License

Driving in Florida operates similarly to driving in any other state, yet Florida’s point system has its own unique set of regulations. Accruing excessive points on your driver’s license could lead to a suspension or even total loss of your driving privileges, contingent upon the accumulated points and violations.

This comprehensive guide aims to explain Florida’s point system and provide the steps in acquiring your driving record to determine the number of points affixed to your license.

Understanding Florida’s Point System

Points stemming from traffic violations persist on your driving record for at least five years, contingent on the nature of the offense. Violations incurred by a Florida driver in another state will be relayed back to Florida and appended to their record.

Accumulating 12 points within 12 months results in a 30-day license suspension, while 18 points within 18 months trigger a three-month suspension. A total of 24 points within 36 months prompts a one-year suspension of your Florida license.

The points allotted vary between 3, 4, or 6, contingent upon the gravity of the traffic violation.

Different traffic infractions yield distinct points on your license. For instance:

You may check the complete list of driving violations and their corresponding points here

Checking the Points History on your Driver’s License

There are three methods to obtain your driving history and check the points on your Florida driver’s license. Typically, your driver’s license number or Social Security number will be required.

You can purchase your driving history, spanning either 3 or 7 years, which details points received due to driving violations.

Procuring your driving record from an authorized private vendor listed on this page.  ensures the legitimacy of your copy. 

Another option is to acquire it in person from your local office or request it via mail by completing the Driver License Record Request Form along with the designated fee.

Lost Florida Driver’s License?

Losing your driver’s license doesn’t impede your ability to request your points. You can request your points with or without your license number by filling out the Driver License Record Request Form and sending it to the appropriate location.

Keep a Clean Record!

While avoiding traffic violations is the best way to maintain a clean driving record, sometimes it’s unavoidable. Enrolling in a driving course can assist in this endeavor and improve your driving skills, reducing the likelihood of additional points and potential license-related repercussions. Consider enrolling in a driving course today to enhance your driving skills and lower the risk of license-related issues.