Motorcycle License in Florida

Dreaming of the breeze in your hair as you cruise down Florida’s highways on a motorcycle? You’re among nearly 600,000 licensed motorcyclists in the Sunshine State. Attaining a motorcycle license or endorsement in Florida isn’t as daunting as it might seem, aligning with state laws mandating a valid motorcycle credential for riding.

Motorcycle License vs. Endorsement in Florida

Firstly, determine the appropriate credential type. For motorcycles over 50 ccs, be it with two or three wheels, you’ll require official validation. The motorcycle endorsement complements a Florida driver’s license, while the motorcycle-only license is for non-licensed individuals who plan solely to ride a motorcycle.

Simplified Steps to Obtain a Florida Motorcycle Endorsement

Confirm you hold a current Class E driver’s license or a Class A, B, or C commercial license if already licensed in Florida.

Attend an MSF-approved motorcycle safety course, either the MSF Basic RiderCourse (BRC) or Basic RiderCourse updated (BRCu). The training, spanning 15 hours, equips beginners and seasoned riders alike.

Assemble necessary paperwork: BRC or BRCu course completion card, current driver’s license, and payment for fees ($7.00 endorsement fee and $48.00 license renewal fee).

Access your endorsement at any driver’s license office or certain tax collector’s offices. Check if appointments are necessary due to the pandemic and bring the required materials for immediate endorsement. This endorsement lasts a lifetime and automatically renews with your standard driver’s license.

Acquiring a Motorcycle-Only License

If lacking a standard driver’s license, additional steps are needed for a motorcycle-only license, akin to obtaining a Class E license as a new driver. The process involves:

Being at least 15 years old (official licensing at 16)

Once you have your learner’s license, follow similar steps as for a motorcycle endorsement to complete the licensure process.

Embrace the Open Road

With your Florida motorcycle license or endorsement secured, you’re set to savor the joys of motorcycling across the Sunshine State. Florida’s year-round motorcycle-friendly atmosphere makes obtaining this license an excellent choice for riders.