California Traffic School Online

It’s common knowledge among drivers that even a minor traffic violation can stain your driving record and result in higher insurance costs. But there’s a way to counteract this—a traffic school. Choosing an online California traffic school course could significantly decrease your insurance rate, especially if your driving history is clean or if the offense is minor.

When Should You Attend Traffic School?

Blaine Corren, from the Judicial Council of California, explains that specific violations don’t mandate traffic school attendance.

“Rather, it’s at the discretion of the courts to instruct someone to attend traffic school if eligible,” Corren noted.

For non-moving offenses like parking tickets or incidents related to drugs or alcohol, traffic school isn’t an option. Additionally, if you’ve attended traffic school for another citation in the last 18 months, you’re ineligible.

Steps for Taking the California Traffic School Online

IDriveSafely provides an efficient, state-approved traffic school course for California. This online course can be completed in a day or divided into smaller sessions, fitting seamlessly into your schedule. Plus, the online format means no commuting to a physical class—saving both time and gas.

Here’s the process for taking IDriveSafely’s traffic school:

  1. Register online.
  2. Choose between the text-based or online video course—both offer flexible study options.
  3. Upon course completion, we’ll notify the DMV at no extra cost, and you’ll receive a completion certificate.
  4. After notification, the DMV will conceal your citation and points from your public record.
  5. Finally, share the completion certificate with your insurer to potentially qualify for reduced auto insurance rates.


What to Expect During the Course

IDriveSafely’s traffic school is licensed by the California DMV and curated by professional driving instructors and adult education experts.

You have the option of a text-based or video course; many learners prefer the video format for its efficiency.


Consequences of Refusing Traffic School Attendance

If you ignore the court’s deadline to complete traffic school, there are repercussions.

“The violation will appear on the offender’s DMV driving record, and this would likely cause their insurance rate to go up,” Corren warns. “Also, if a person willfully fails to comply with a court order to attend traffic school in California, they are guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Completing the California traffic school online is a worthwhile time investment—it helps evade points on your driving record and saves on insurance. Nonetheless, attending traffic school doesn’t erase your traffic fine; the fine and court fees still apply.

If you’ve recently had a traffic violation, enroll and finish traffic school promptly. Our traffic school is authorized in all California counties.