Highway Transportation System

The Highway Transportation System (HTS) is designed so that drivers, both commercial and independent, can travel safely, quickly and efficiently. The HTS system is controlled and maintained by federal, state and local government agencies and the roadways connect most of the United States together. 

The HTS is made up of three different components, people, vehicles and roadways. 


This includes everyone who uses the HTS for transport. It’s important that everyone driving on the HTS practices safe driving procedures. Everyone working together and driving safely ensures that traffic flows smoothly. 


Cars, cargo trucks, motorcycles and buses all use the HTS to get around and vehicle safety standards play a big part in keeping the HTS safe. 


A vast network of roads make up the HTS. Proper design, construction and maintenance of the roadways is what keeps the HTS running smoothly. 

Safely Driving On The HTS

Driving safely on the HTS is a combination of defensive driving, awareness, preparedness and good decision making behind the wheel. 

Obeying traffic laws and following the posted speed limits are the foundation for driving safely on the HTS. 

Here are a few tips on how to drive safely on the HTS. 

Drivers can contribute to their own safety and the safety of others on the HTS by practicing safe driving techniques.


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