Indiana Driver’s License

Renewal Criteria for Online Processing

Indiana provides the convenience of online driver’s license renewal for eligible individuals. To determine if you qualify, consider the following criteria: 

  1.     Operator’s License and Citizenship: Ensure you possess an operator’s license, are a US citizen, and a resident of Indiana.
  1.     Updated Personal Information: Confirm the accuracy of your name, address, and other details.
  1.     Previous Renewal History: Check if your previous renewal was completed at a BMV branch.
  1.     Exam Exemption: You should not need to take an exam.
  1.     Photo Verification: Ensure your previous photo is on file.
  1.     Timeframe: Your license should be current or expired less than 180 days ago, and you must be within 24 months of your renewal date.
  1.     Age and Vision Screening: If 75 or older, submit a recent vision screening, and for all ages, no restrictions J or 2-9 should be present.
  1.     Driving Record: Maintain fewer than six active points, which can be improved through an approved defensive driving course.
  1.     Good Standing: Ensure your license is free from suspension, revocation, or invalidation.

Once these conditions are met, you’re eligible to conveniently renew your Indiana driver’s license online.

In-Person Renewal Scenarios

Certain circumstances necessitate an in-person renewal at a BMV branch. Consider the following scenarios:

  1.     Commercial or For-Hire: If you have a commercial driver’s license or a For-Hire endorsement.
  1.     Personal Information Changes: When you need to update your name, address, or other personal details.
  1.     Expired License: If your license expired 180 days ago or longer.
  1.     Age-Specific Requirements: If you’re 75 or older and require a vision test.
  1.     Points on Record: If you accumulate six or more points on your driving record.
  1.     Foreign National Status: If you’re a foreign national, additional documentation is required.
  1.     Real ID Requirement: Individuals without a Real ID must visit a BMV branch with appropriate documentation.


Step-by-Step Guide for Online Renewal

  1.     Access the myBMV Portal: Visit the myBMV portal to create or log in to your online account.
  1.     Provide Necessary Information: Input your driver’s license number, the last four digits of your Social Security number, and ZIP code.
  1.     Follow the Prompts: Once logged in, follow the online prompts to efficiently renew your driver’s license.


Streamlining In-Person Renewals

For those requiring an in-person renewal, expedite the process by scheduling an appointment online. This reduces wait times, ensuring a swift renewal experience at the BMV branch.