The Texas Drug and Alcohol Driving Awareness Program (DADAP) focuses on substance related driving education. This program is essential for teaching drivers the importance of how dangerous and serious driving under the influence is. 


The program is a six hour educational course that addresses alcohol and drug use while driving. Educating drivers about the danger of driving under the influence (DUI). The program’s aim is to promote safer driving practices. 


The course is mainly offered online, however there are a few places where the course can be taken in person, in a classroom setting. There are many companies that offer the DADAP course online, which is great for convenience purposes. When you take an online course, you are able to learn at your own pace, start and stop the course at your leisure and take the course wherever an internet connection is available. 


Qualifying to take the course is typically dependent on the court or a legal order that has been given to take the course. In most cases, the course is required to be taken by those who have been convicted of a DUI related offense. In addition, some insurance companies may also mandate that the course be taken. 


Before taking a DADAP course you must make sure that the course is designed for your individual situation. Check with the court or entity requiring the program to see if DADAP is appropriate for your situation. 


You always want to choose a reputable course provider that is fully approved by the Texas court system. 



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