Content Delivery in Texas Defensive Driving


Defensive driving courses are full of informative and important driving information that drivers need in order to operate a motor vehicle safely and responsibly. This content is often delivered to the course taker in many forms. 


The main form is text. The majority of information in a defensive driving course is given in the form of text and separated into modules. Each module will cover a certain driving topic. Throughout the modules, video may be used to share information as well. Video can be a compelling and interesting way to get information across to the user. It also helps to break up the course, so it isn’t just text and reading. 


In addition to text and video, audio clips may be used as well. With all three of these methods being used, the course will help everyone, no matter what their learning style is. 


Most online defensive driving courses will also make the course available on various platforms, such as a computer, cell phone, and tablet. Some may even offer mobile apps.


Having a course available on various platforms is a great incentive to take the course. This means that the user is able to take the course wherever an internet connection is present, giving the user flexibility in when and how they take the course.


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