What Does a Yellow Light Mean

How does a continuous yellow light differ from a flashing yellow light?

Although most of us are familiar with the meaning of a yellow light, how should we handle a flashing yellow light? When it’s safe to do so, do you rush off, pause, or continue? To keep yourself and others safe while driving, it is crucial that you learn to read these minute variances in traffic lights. This is why we cover such ground in our driver’s education programs. Therefore, how are they different? Let me tell you what’s important. 


What Is Indicated by a Solid Yellow Light?

The traffic signal will change to red in three to six seconds when it becomes solid yellow. You should expect a temporary halt in traffic, as this indicator indicates that the green “go” signal is about to expire. This usually signifies reducing speed or halting altogether. If you’re going fast and can’t stop safely, though, you might be among the last vehicles to go before the light turns red.


What Is Indicated by a Flashing Yellow Light?

A traffic light’s significance changes depending on whether it’s a solid yellow or a flashing yellow. You can proceed when it is safe, knowing that cross-traffic has the right-of-way, rather than being warned that the red light is coming. This signal frequently indicates dedicated left-turn lanes. If you can safely make the turn, you can proceed forward when the yellow light is blinking, but you must yield to incoming traffic from the opposite direction.


Can a yellow light run result in a traffic ticket?

Do not be arrested for disregarding a yellow signal. Where does one draw the line, though, when it comes to running a red light? Generally speaking, you will not be breaking the law if the light is yellow when you approach the intersection. Keep in mind that even if the light turns red before you cross the crossing, you should still be able to avoid getting a ticket as long as you enter the intersection on the yellow light. If you can safely slow down for a yellow light, it’s usually preferable to do so than to risk it. 


How Come Flashing Yellow Lights Are Necessary?

The yield-on-green signal may be more familiar to you; it’s characterized by a solid green light plus an indication to yield to approaching traffic before making a turn. The flashing yellow indicator, however, was found to be more understandable in a nationwide assessment. In addition, it helped cut down on delays during periods of light traffic by reducing the number of mistakes drivers made. Why? A left turn is more likely to be possible thanks to the flashing light, which stands out from other signals for clarity. Because of that, you might notice this more frequently while driving.


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