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What You Need To Know

Getting started is a breeze with the New York 5-Hour Online Pre-Licensing Course, an avenue for new drivers to acquire essential knowledge and skills for responsible and safer driving. Fully compliant with New York State DMV standards, this online course ensures transparency with no concealed charges.

Prior to scheduling their initial driver’s license road test, all new drivers are required to complete this comprehensive 5-hour pre-licensing course.

For enrollment, students must meet the following criteria:

Throughout the course, participants delve into critical topics such as:

Course Overview

The New York 5-Hour Online Pre-Licensing Course is designed to instruct new drivers, aged 18 and above, seeking a New York driver’s license. Completion of this course is mandatory before scheduling a behind-the-wheel road test. However, it’s essential to hold a photo learner permit before starting the training, which arrives in the mail approximately two weeks after obtaining the temporary permit from NYSDMV.

New drivers aiming for a junior driver license or junior motorcycle license are ineligible for the online pre-licensing course. Instead, they must complete a 5-hour classroom session.

Before embarking on the online 5-hour course, proof of a valid New York learner permit containing a photo is required. Those with a temporary learner permit lacking a photo must wait for the photo permit to commence the training. The NYSDMV issues temporary learner permits immediately after passing the written permit exam, with the photo permit arriving in about two weeks.

The course content encompasses crucial aspects such as New York vehicle and traffic laws, safe driving skills, the dangers of driving under the influence, highway safety, and managing aggressive driving and road rage. The completion of the course equips participants with a deeper understanding of responsible driving and the factors influencing it.

Identity confirmation is a crucial part of the course, integrating personal security questions to ensure the sole participation of the registered individual. There are three attempts allowed for each security checkpoint, failing which necessitates re-registration.

Throughout the training, nine quizzes are incorporated, serving as checkpoints without a final exam. Achieving a minimum score of 70% is required to progress to subsequent sections, with a maximum of three attempts for each quiz.

Upon successful completion, graduates receive confirmation via email, and their completion information is automatically submitted to the NYSDMV. There’s no need to present an original Pre-Licensing Course Certificate (MV-278) for the road test, unlike those who complete the course in a classroom setting.

The course duration spans a minimum of five hours, encompassing nine learning modules and at least 270 minutes of instruction, excluding quizzes. Participants have the flexibility to complete the timed modules at their own pace within 30 calendar days of registration.

After completing the course, there’s a one-year window to take the driver’s license road test. Failure to do so within this timeframe necessitates re-registering and retaking the pre-licensing course.