Which States Allow Online Defensive Driving

If you wish to be more careful when driving, defensive driving is a good way to start. Additionally, it can be useful if you wish to dismiss a traffic ticket that you have received. Taking a defensive driving school in person used to be mandatory, but that’s no longer the case in a lot of jurisdictions.

Online defensive driving courses are now legal in many jurisdictions, so you can get a leg up on the road or get that traffic ticket dismissed without ever leaving your house. Every state that allows defensive driving courses online is included in this list. 


Online Defensive Driving is Allowed in These States: 

  1. Alabama 

Rather than appearing in court, defendants can contest their citation through an online method. A four-hour online driving school course is sufficient for individuals who have received approval for the program. 

  1. Alaska

The state of Alaska provides its drivers with the option to take a driving school online through a network of approved institutions. Insurance costs and points for traffic violations might both go down if this is done. 

  1. Arizona 

Defensive driving lessons offered online by approved providers are legal in Arizona. You can avoid having points added to your license and higher insurance premiums by enrolling in a course. At least seven days before the court date, drivers must verify their eligibility and finish the course. 

  1. California

In order to enroll in a traffic school in California, you must first receive the court’s approval. Removing points from a driving offense can be made easier using this. 

  1. Colorado

A driver must appear in court if they want to challenge their traffic ticket. The court will determine whether the driver is qualified for an online defensive driving course. 

  1. Connecticut 

Insurance companies in Connecticut provide discounts to drivers who complete defensive driving courses online. The state website has a directory of recognized online service providers. 

  1. Delaware

Drivers in Delaware can take a refresher course to lower their insurance rates even more. There is a directory of internet service providers. 

  1. Florida

Floridians who have received traffic fines can take advantage of the state’s legal online driving schools to lower their points and keep their insurance rates from going up. 

  1. Idaho

A driver’s record in Idaho can be reduced by three points if they complete an online driver improvement course. There is a directory of internet service providers. 

  1. Indiana

To get a license reinstated and up to four points removed from a driving record, certified providers can offer four-hour defensive driving courses. 

  1. Kentucky

You can take a traffic school course in person or online in the Bluegrass State. Having no points added to your driving record is a perk, but you risk having your license suspended if you don’t show up. 

  1. Maine 

You can get three points off your license and maybe even get insurance discounts if you take the five-hour Driving Dynamics course (either in person or online). 

  1. Massachusetts

Online driver education programs, which are known in Massachusetts as driver attitude retraining courses, are well-received there. 

  1. Michigan 

Online driving improvement classes are available to qualified drivers. 

  1. Minnesota

Discounts on auto insurance are available to drivers over the age of 55 who complete specific advanced driving courses. 

  1. Mississippi

Attending traffic school could help drivers get insurance discounts and lower their points on their driving record.

  1. Missouri

A four-hour driving correction program is available in this state and can help drivers lower their insurance rates and points. 

  1. Montana

Reducing points and insurance premiums is possible in Montana through a variety of approved online defensive driving courses. 

  1. Nebraska

A two-point credit to the driver’s record and the revocation of point reinstatement are both possible benefits for eligible drivers. 

  1. Nevada 

Nevada drivers who are eligible can have points removed from their record by completing a course online in Nevada. 

21, New Mexico

If you need to restore your license or get points reduced, you may find a licensed driver improvement school in each county in New Mexico that provides online courses. 

  1. New York 

In addition to lowering insurance premiums and driver’s license points, New York has authorized online defensive driving classes.

  1. North Carolina 

You can take a defensive driving course online in North Carolina if your attorney recommends it or if the district attorney’s office approves of the course.

24.North Dakota 

Several online programs in North Dakota are available to drivers who want to lower their points on their record.

  1. Oklahoma

Through Oklahoma Traffic School-approved facilities, driver development courses can be taken online, and approval for these courses is granted on an individual basis. 

  1. Oregon

Offenses as minor as driving tickets can be dismissed through the online driving School Diversion program. 


  1. Pennsylvania

Anyone over the age of 55 who takes the Mature Driver Improvement Course may be eligible for a reduction in their auto insurance premiums. 

  1. South Carolina

Defensive driving training in South Carolina can now be completed online, at least temporarily. 

  1. Tennessee

Online defensive driving courses are available in addition to the several that are listed for the state of Tennessee. Reducing points for driving violations is the purpose of these lessons.

  1. Texas

You can take defensive driving courses online from TDLR-approved providers in Texas.=

  1. Utah 

You can lower the number of points on your driving record in Utah by taking a defensive driving course online. 

  1. Virginia

 Drivers in Virginia have the option to take classes online in order to lower their insurance premiums and license points. 

  1. Washington

Insurance companies offer discounts to policyholders over the age of 55 who complete online accident prevention courses. 

  1. Washington, D.C.

The district advises taking online defensive driving courses, but it is not clear if doing so would result in fewer points or lower insurance costs for drivers. =

Why You Should Take an Online Defensive Driving Course 

Reducing points and getting your license reinstated are two legal requirements for taking a defensive driving course online. Upon finishing the course, the motorist may also be eligible for a lower insurance rate.

However, considerations of safety must also be taken into consideration. Drivers who have taken a defensive driving course are better able to balance their reactions and avoid collisions. Things like learning to drive only while fully attentive, maintaining concentration in challenging weather, and planning ahead to accommodate other drivers are all part of this. 

Regardless of your motivation for enrolling in defensive driving, our online courses will help you become a safer driver.