The Florida 4-Hour TLSAE Course The TLSAE course is a mandatory 4 hour course that all new drivers in Florida are required to take and complete. TLSAE stands for ‘Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education’ and the course highlights the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Course Outline

The TLSAE course is fully approved by the  Florida Department of Highway Safety and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles. The course is made up of various modules with each module covering a certain topic. Here is an outline of what material the course covers.  The course is designed to help new drivers drive safe and confidently. Throughout the course you will learn to drive defensively in order to avoid accidents and traffic violations. Highway safety rules and regulations are covered as is road rage and how to handle stressful roadway circumstances. Understanding the meanings of traffic signals and traffic signs is touched up as well. All of this information is vital in learning how to operate a motor vehicle safely.  The course heavily focuses on how alcohol and drugs affect your body, mind and ability to operate a vehicle safely.  The material will cover normal driving skills that will keep you safe in numerous driving situations. Once the course is taken and passed, a driver is much less likely to get into an accident or receive a traffic violation.   

Passing The Course

There are various companies that offer a user to take the TLSAE course and most of them have a final exam that must be passed with an average of 80% accuracy. Once the course is passed, the user will receive a certificate of completion showing that you have in fact taken and passed the TLSAE driving course.  In addition to receiving a certificate of completion, your passing status will be forwarded to the Florida Department Of Motor Vehicles, allowing you to apply for your learner’s permit.   

Getting Ready For The Course

As with any learning and testing situation, it’s best to get a good night’s rest prior to attending the course. When the mind is rested, it is able to absorb and retain information easier than when stressed or tired.  Going over information prior to taking the course such as basic driving skills and having basic knowledge of common traffic signs and signals will also help you throughout the course.