How To Enroll In The Florida TLSAE Course TLSAE stands for ‘Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education’ and this 4 hour online course is mandatory for new drivers to take and pass prior to earning their Florida learner’s permit and driver’s license.  Enrolling in the course is a fairly easy task. There are some eligibility requirements that must be met prior to signing up however.   

Eligibility Requirements

First time drivers who are not students must be at least 15 years of age in order to sign up for the course. First time drivers from Florida that are students must be at least 14 years old to sign up for the course.  There are quite a few online TLSAE courses that are approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, each one with different registration price points. With that said, you will want to choose a course that best fits your budget.   

The Registration Process

The registration process is very easy when it comes to signing up for a TLSAE course. Once you find an approved course and you are happy with the registration cost, you simply fill out your personal information, pay the fee and register. Once you are all registered, you are able to take and complete the course. Once the course is completed and passed, the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles will receive notification that you have passed. You will also receive a certification of completion.  Once the course is passed, you are able to apply for your Florida learner’s permit.  If you are court ordered to take a TLSAE course, the registration process is the same. Once the course is completed, you will need to present the court with the certification of completion.   

How To Choose The Best Course

There are many TLSAE course options in Florida but choosing the right course for you doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Here is a list of approved TLSAE providers in Florida to get you started on your TLSAE journey.    These are just a few of the top rated companies that offer an approved TLSAE online course, but we always encourage new drivers to research the various courses offered and choose the one that best fits their budget and needs.